Mini Birthday Bash! 2008.01.26

Yay!! I had fun with my friends a while ago at Alabang Town Center, or the mall of Koreans here in Las Piñas.

Unfrotunately, a lot of people on my invitation backed out since they had problems [exams failed, family outing, etc.] so what was left is 4 people. There were me, my best friend Zarah, Mary Ann, and Faith. The people on my real list were:

-Mary Ann

see… we were a lot, and there were many people I forgot to include. But I really had fun a while ago! At ATC, we went to Timezone to have a Purikura, and we were like 4, we can’t fit in the vertical screen but we made it. The result was cute, though it was really small and I can’t even scan it. [I want a scanner!!]

My treat was in Starbucks, but unfortunately, the Starbucks in ATC were full of effin’ socialite-feelers, so I was pissed off and I told them to wait for a while.. So we went first at BreadTalk and ate whatever there is. xD
after 1 hour..

there were still those people. I hate them. Showing off!! Anyway, we found a seat, but I didn’t know the table next to it was occupied, so to be sure, I asked the girl. OMG, she was Korean, I don’t know what to say!!

Janii: Annyeong, mianhamnida but is there somebody seated in this table?
KGirl: *she doesn’t seem to understand english, she was staring at me and murmuring something I can’t understand*
Janii: What is it again? I’m sorry?
KGirl:*la la la she’s talking Korean I can’t understand..*
Janii: *used her mental telepathy* Ah! I get it, *turns to Mary* she told me her friends and relatives are seated on this table.

I was shocked to find out that that was what the girl meant.. It’s a good thing I studied a bit Korean, but it’s better to have an ability like mental telepathy.

We were so tired, we decided to eat at Starbucks Pamplona. So damn far from ATC, but it’s good.. I ordered 2 choco dough nuts and 2 honey-glazed dough nuts, then strawberries & cream, choco-chip frap, caramel frap and mocha frap.. Me and my friends sure liked it, though it cost me a lot! But it’s okay, I had fun. ^_~

I posted the pictures uP:

15th Birthday Bash Pictures

starbucks treat wee~ starbucks! sarap!

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