Is it still my birthday?

Nothing much.

I’m already 15 years and 1 day old! Hahaha!

The bottom story! I’m gonna tell it.. I feel tired now!

It was lunch time, and I’m done eating my lunch.. I got my chocolate and opened it.. I was chit-chatting with Emzi, Eldy, Isha and Paola about stuff when the canteen door behind me opened and in came the Integ guys… And the sh!t! I ignored them and went back to the conversation, and in my peripheral view I saw the sh!t’s back, and they’re goin’ away, so I didn’t care. I said to my pals, “I hate hiM! He doesn’t even greet me on my birthday?! He’s such a jerk.”

and then…

…somebody called my attention by touching my arm, and I looked at that person. I was so surprised to see it was hqqv6, or the sh!t, and I was so nervous. He said, “Pst, uy, happy birthday ha!” then I said “Thanks.” and he turned away and came back and said, “Belated pala.” then walked away. Everyone in my table surely saw it, and they teased me like “yiiheeee” and they said I blushed, so I pulled Paola to go w/ me to the washroom..

I don’t know what to feel, happy or mad. Whatever.



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