My Last PALARO[Sportsfest]

The PALARO 2008 in Divine Light Academy Las Piñas [my school] was so great. Well, even if we weren’t the champ and I wasn’t the Word Factory champ, at least we had fun and I had added a new set of friends!

Senior HS students are assigned to supervise and lead the PALARO in our school. At last, that day came, and I was assigned in the Decoration Committee. I admit it was tiring and a lil bit boring, but since I love what I’m doing, the work became passion. [Unfortunately guys, I haven’t took a photo of what we did.. That’s awful. I’m gonna request for it! Haha!]
The experience is great; it was like I am designing backdrops for telenovelas, and I had my own crew to help me with it.

Of course, PALARO wouldn’t be complete if it doesn’t have games! ‘LARO‘ means ‘PLAY‘ in the Filipino language. I didn’t play volleyball in the real game, but I know how to play and I think I’m good, it’s just that it scares me to death when I am in the play field! I wasn’t in the First 6 or substitute, but it’s okay. I had Word Factory! hahaha!

Word Factory — I supervised the 2nd Year students in playing it. Well, they already knew how, but I just watched to avoid cheating and stuff. The winner in 2nd Year came from Unity, Ms. Jennica Arboleda. Really unbeatable like her sister Janine Arboleda who beat me and that Integ guy in the 4th year WF finals!! ^0^ Mary Ann supervised the Freshmen, and OMG my crush Ruther was there. Haha! He played for the 1st time, but he won against Andrea! She was great, but I conclude he was greater now. xD

Blah Blah Blah.. Whatever is in there in that PALARO, I’ll certainly won’t forget it. Especially my new friends Camille Cariño, Grace Barja, Chikit Lacaba, Mavin Soriano, Renee and Nikko, Philip Dalangin, Ruther Guevarra, Patricia Aningat, Shonamae, and others…

I also won’t forget my game!!! The 10-minute basketball game!
Mary Ann and Rizza versus Ann and Me!!
I scored 12 pts while Ann gained 6 for a total of 18 pts,
while our opponents Mary Ann and Rizza each had 2 pts for a total of 4 pts!!
In just 10-minutes, the score was 18-4!! In favor of my partnership! yay!!

That’s the last PALARO that I’ll ever have in my High School, and it’s the greatest and most memorable PALARO evarrR!

to view the pictures, go here:

PALARO 2008, Tug-of-War

PALARO 2008, Rest Day, Flying Finger game

PALARO 2008 – Word Factory



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