Plastic Cups In-Love.

I am so crazy insane.

What if the hand of fate lead you to Mr. Right? What the freak. I guess this already happened to me a couple of times, hand of fate always putting me on some direction, but I guess, that’s not the way to Mr. Right.

I have like 3 ex-crushes at school, and after I get sick of them [for not liking me the way I do w/ them], a train always drives me toward their direction, and snap, I was always out of sorts whenever I take the path. First, it happened to my ex-crush in the Seniors, my batch. First it happened in 5 days in a row, both of us always meeting at a part on the High School stairs. After a few days, I tried to forebode what will happen next and which part of the stairs [1st-4th floor] will we meet. And all my guesses are right. Then I got sick of it, so it suddenly stopped. Oh, isn’t it amazing? Next.

It happened next to my ex-crush in the Freshman. He was Paola’s buddy. Gah, it feels like I’m some kind of an old fish!! But never mind, he was 12 and I am just 14. Hahaha! Anyway, what happened to us is, whenever it’s my section’s lunch break or recess, we always stop by each other on the1st floor stairs! The setting has always been on stairs. And whenever I see him, he sees me, and then his friends murmur something like “ayeeee” or whatever. It happened for just a few days and non-consecutively, and then I got sick of it, so it suddenly stopped. It was boring. I don’t like the first him and the second him anymore!

As have mentioned before, Ishy and I tried to stalk somebody from the other level. Okay, clues? I am two levels ahead of him. Okay, I hope you got it. Actually, I already stopped liking him by the time Ishy and Ld liked him, because I started liking him when I was a sophomore and he was just a grade schooler. But when I came with them to stalk just for fun, I guess Eros shot his arrow at me again and it turned out that this wasn’t funny at all. I must not be serious with this, or else, I’ll be the one hurting again. But it didn’t stop. It started since last 2 weeks and by now. Every time we tried to follow him, I was the one catching his dart. Bullseye! When it started on the Mini-stop thing, [re-read this to remember: Never Ending…1 ] my face always seem to be rising from the crowd, and I am always the one he catches when we glance. Take note, WE not I! But yeah whatever.

What’s the connection of Plastic Cups and Me and JaKe?
The Hand of Fate holds the strings connected to each cup. And those cups are me and JaKe. Everytime the breath of Fate blows between the cups, they get close, then separate again [Bernoulli’s Principle!]. That is what happens to me. Erm, us?

A while ago was a funny thing. We planned to eat Japanese cake after school, and decided to wait for Mary at Mini-stop. Unluckily, we have no seats, and Ishy and I’s favorite love seat was occupied, so we left and sat at the next building. I was telling Abby and Paola about the love seat thing, that I wanted to seat there so I could see whoever passes by,especially JaKe, but of course that was intended to be a joke coz I have li’l interest on JaKe now. Sitting, just letting time pass, and copying each others homework in Math. [I let them copy mine. XD] I started to see my fellow students pass by, and Paola’s buddy [my ex-crush], but I didn’t mind. I talked about JaKe again, telling them that the place we have now is a nice place because I could see everyone and JaKe if ever he passes.

Then we talked of other things. That topic was a bore kasi eh.

10 minutes later.

Abby: Hey, Janica! Isn’t that… It’s, you know! That’s *insert hero’s name here*, isn’t it? [points at the person’s back on the glass window beside her]

Paola: Uh-huh, oh yeah!

Janica: Where?! [agitating]

Paola and Abby: There oh! [points again]

Janica: Oh… my… gosh.. That means, the whole time I am talking about him and waiting for him… He was just sitting there in that parlor? [shouts like a freak]

Oh no. Okay, I am dead. Another bullseye and a bullcrap! For all the people I can see and for all the places that we can sit and place ourselves, why there? And heck, Meaty Man was also there, making it more repulsive! My face was seen again, and they might think that I really am the only stalker! I can only say nothing but shit!
So I just faced Paola when I saw Meaty Man and JaKe going out of the parlor and then I bowed my head, crossed my arms, and pretend I don’t care what’s going on. What’s going on anyway?

And then they left. Mary came when I raised my face, and I told the story. They laughed, and we bought the Japanese cakes.




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