On the Bright Side, JaKe IS GAY.

So what’s with him being gay? Later.

I heard some ringin’ in my ears about JaKe being on the discovery channel and will play his role again as Ishy and I’s “hero”! After I heard that news, I don’t know what to say but cross my brows and stomp my feet, and told the bumblebee “Ay nako! Wala na! Ayoko na. [Oh my! I give up.]. The bee told me that I wasn’t the only one who commented like that upon hearing the buzz, but many of her classmates do. I was like a freak, but then I thought, he wasn’t mine anyway, and why the hell should I care? It’s his life nonetheless.

So I thought, again. If he’s gonna be a star [whoa, from zero to hero?!], then he’ll get a lot of fan girls shouting for him, which makes me down. Down, as in I give up being one, coz for sure I’ll lose to them. Ishy? What about our fans club? XD~ On the other hand, I was thinking he could pretend on being a gay [hey Mz, I need your CAT boy!] so that his fan girls leave, though that’s a bit harsh. Still, I don’t think that would ever be possible. [Am I some kind of a tactician? Never thought I’d pass as that.] And I was the only one thinking of that, and you know, I wouldn’t like it either if he’ll go “俺はホモじゃない!!

Well, well, well. I am getting bored, and I can’t erase his face off my head. And Ishy read my darn long message to him! XD but that’s okay. I see him at school only a few times nowadays, maybe he’d already found out he have stalkers. Hahahaha! Isn’t that good? At least somebody likes him rather than no one liking him at all. I am already hopelessly hopeful about the idea that he’ll be a star [From zero to hero?!], but Mz told me he was some sort of a shy magpie [whoa, that was a litote I guess] that’s why there might be a little chance probability that he’ll get a career.

I reckon that’s it. Nowadays I, or maybe Ishy and I, don’t feel like stalking JaKe. I have the freakin’ dry cough and headache that makes me dizzy, and stalkers need to rest to.

I HATE MEATY MAN! Why is that everywhere we tried to look, it was always that pimple-headed freak showing up? Argh. Ishy, let’s prick his head [what head?! XDDDDD].

This is one of my boring-est post evarr.


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