Ishysms and Janiisms.. A Stalker’s Dictionary.

And if I can still remember all the stuff Ishy and Janjan were talking about, I’ma write it here.

1. Summon. Okay let’s call on the gods. Herc!
2. [ishy and janjan doesn’t have a partner to play narcissus’ role.] Hercules, are you available? hahahah!
3. Sir Al: the dragon on the boys’ jersey, here, is shaped like the letter T.
Janjan: Anung letter?
Ishy: Letter T, as in..
Janjan: Tangay? LOL!
4. I[janjan] am on level 0 hyper mode today. From hundred to zero!
5. Makabayan.
6. Makata. [by janjan]
7. Makatas. [by ishy]
8. Makabayan [janjan]
9. Makadiyos [LD]
10.  And before Ishy went home a while ago, I asked her if she’ll be online, and said
“Of course. Even if I am lazy, I will Hindi ako makatiis!
….and many more to come. That was during our crazy times yesterday and a while ago. hahah!

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