You haven’t seen a stalker FULL OF CRAP! [someone’s EMO today]

I was sorta excited to go to school, and I was afraid I was the last person to arrive. Call time is 10.00am, I came at 10.09am. Hell, I’m late again. But anyway, as soon as I arrived school, I was hoping JaKe was there in the stairs. I was supposed to go up and just passed by those people telling me I was so sexy [ugh, whatever!] but Patrick stopped me and said that the room was locked, and MTAP is on-going. I sighed, and left my bag. I went up to go to the toilet, and when I came back, my Ishy was there! Hahaha, so let the stalking begin..

Searched everywhere for clues. nothing was seen. Went to Mini-stop, tracing steps from where he might’ve been. Waited for 10 years, heart’s almost full of tears. Desperate much, we just ate our lunch. [oh, rhyming]

We really did. We went back to school and hoped he must be there, but those people working on them props were the same people we saw before. We always check the 3rd floor to look for him, but damn Jake wasn’t there. We locked up ourselves in Room 142 in the 4th floor, feeling sad, for our day wasn’t complete. But I know the long-wait will be over.

I’m so dead-bored, so I called for Isha and Eldy to go with me to the CR, but we stopped by the stairs coz someone told us JaKe was there. Hell, yeah, he was there. He was there?! HE WAS THERE! Someone flirty was talking to him, and called to us. Oh, no, not again! But I felt no shame so I peeked, and I was stunned. Just what I thought, Just what we knew. Herc. I am still not satisfied. I felt nothing but nothing! I admit I was happy seeing him, but not like those kiligness of Ishy and Eldy. I was happy to know we’re at the same age, though not the same school level, and I was 3 days older. TT^TT

Yeah hellebore I’m bored. Can’t forget those grotesque photos of him we asked for Wilson to capture. 1st one was blurred but he was cool there. Second one was vivid, but he was darn like a carpenter there. Hahaha. So not cool.

Then suddenly, as I was dancing Honor To Us All, Flow hugged me and shouted at me and I saw someone outside. He was him. Surrounded by so many concubines acting like fangirls, just as how they thought he was an actor. Ugh, again. I never saw myself butting in a commotion or whatever crowd, even if I like what I am seeing. I hate crowds. Those stupid girls takng pictures of him. At my heart I was laughing, but my face was blah. I said NO. NO, I won’t take a picture. Seems like a phony to me, you know. I even formulated something in my head when I got home and realized all these stuff:

I can tell it from his eyes,

I know there’s no disguise.

They don’t care if he’s embarrassed,

Now that he’s already harassed.

By harassed, I mean harassed in some other way. He doesn’t like the way he feels; girls shouting their lungs out for just a single, er maybe, just pictures [Ishy and Eldy is an exception here]. And this darn Wilson told me that I was just kidding myself not taking a picture. Shit, what does he care? Why not he take a pic with him? And besides, that was like I was just an extra. And I am a Senior, he’s a Sophomore. We need to respect each other.

Oh well whatever. I just don’t feel happy today. When our play started, I don’t feel any nervous, and it seems to me that I was just performing for an empty space.


For the pics [Ishy, got no time to put them up here], go to:



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