Never-ending days of my STALKER life! [Continuation]

And then the day came. This day I thought I would not see him, but basically…

The play started from the Juniors poetry, until it’s already Hercules. Isha and I really wanted to watch him play his role, but darn we can’t, especially because of the make-up we’re wearing [imagine how a geisha looks, or how a concubine looks]. We could’ve gone downstairs, but then JC scolded us and told we would never get down unless our play will start. We were moping all day, because of our empty stomachs [hey, we weren’t really poor, but we just can’t buy food coz of our damn make-up!] and because we haven’t seen JaKe yet.

5…4…3…2…1.. Opening Song. Mulan.

Fangirls of Herc: Eldy and I were lantern girls, and Isha was a slave [ha!] of the Emperor. While I danced and swayed, while Isha fanned and fanned, my eyes tried to roam but I just can’t. I focused on the autistic audience who never dare to clap after each scene. Anyway, I was looking for JaKe, but unfortunately, my eyes can’t see anything but heads of different people.

Honor To Us All.

Isha and I just gave a damn, showing how real concubines are. XD I love dancing to that scene, because all of us were jolly.

Hey. I guess I wasn’t really talking of JaKe anymore!!!


Waaahh!! Those puppet dance we’re doing.. Ugh. As I posed on my cue, I roamed my eyes, searching for Jake. Where is he? Oh, hell. I only saw no traces of him but Meaty Man and JaKe’s darn bodyguard!

.. blah, blah, blah. End of theme. I’m tired. No JAKE!

Isha told me [when we were back in the room] that she also didn’t see any traces of JaKe, but yeah, she also saw darn Meaty Man!

Bullcrap. We’re so desperate…

… so after we dressed up, we went down, going to the other building, looking for him. Zero. Gotta get back. We just saw his classmates. Argh! Why the hell do we have to be so desperate. I was convincing Isha to go back and I told her I had a feeling that we were only wasting our time waiting for nothing and that I also had a feeling he was back where we were before. She already agreed [at last] and we went back.

Isha: *shouts* There he is!

Janica: Huh? Where? Oh! See, I told you I had a feeling he must be here!

Both: *shouts and jumps*

JaKe and Co. stood up. First goes his friends, then he as the last one. He stood there, facing directly at our direction, and I looked at him for 120milliseconds, and dropped my head. Know why? Coz the pimple-headed Meaty Man was there again, looking oh-so-repulsive!

But we were so happy that for this day, we saw Jake, and we followed him, 2 minutes after they walk. But yeah,

Stalkers should always be hidden, but we were the stalkers who were always caught.

XD hahaha!

TO BE CONTINUED – We have never-ending series.


One thought on “Never-ending days of my STALKER life! [Continuation]

  1. wahaha, im smiling the whole time while im reading it! lurve it. x]] meaty man should be banished to tartarus forever! T_T xx

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