Never-ending days of my STALKER life!

A while ago, during our vacant time after Physics, me, Isha, and Eldy went out the classroom and looked down from the 4th floor. On the ground floor, we saw the United Ones and JaKe playing and watching their whatever-slash-nothing volleyball game, respectively. Of course, the paparazzi won’t dare miss a moment looking at somebody she wants, so we did. From our stare, he could almost melt. Hahaha! >:)

So there JaKe was. Sitting with his classmates and of course his own freaking’ dorky company which consists of Meaty Man and bodyguard [bodyguard who seems he must be the one to be guarded]. We all love the face of JaKe, so we just stare at him, never minding if Meaty Man was there looking at us, giving lies that are oh-so-repulsive!

Isha and Eldy were just standing there, but now, not looking at him. They were chit-chatting about something. So I was the only one staring at him, kneeling, my eyes are the only ones seen. Unfortunately and unhappily, Meaty Man looked up to 4th floor where I was, and I freaked out so automatically I hid. Darn you, Meaty Man!

Okay, so if you had no idea who I was talking about, sorry but I won’t be giving any clues. You want? JaKe and Meaty Man are both United Ones from United Colors. Meaty Man was a pimple grown with a head, and JaKe is MY HERO!

If you are Isha, he’s your hero too.

Let’s continue. Second Part of the movie today. We should be back at our class at 5.30pm, so Paola and I decided to go to Mini-stop and eat. I just ate candies, and sat on the window, chatting about how people would get conscious seeing us staring at them. Then Isha, Emzi, and Eldy came. We [Isha, I, Pao] sat on the 3 chairs beside the huge window so we could see whoever passes by. We came up about the topic of “What if your crush passes here? Would you stare.. blah, blah, blah..” And coincidentally after 5 minutes, JaKe came, together w/ Meaty Man and another whoever. THEY saw US. And we freaked out. Freaked out more when they walked towards our place. Freaked out most when they came inside where we are. And we became Herc-fanatic freaks. [even before?] They were always glancing at us, and I notice it on my peripheral view[duh, who wants to get dumped by his/her crush by staring too long]. Enough of that. I thought they were already going home, but they didn’t. So when they got out, we all stood up, and supposed to be walking out, but I made a simple alibi so that they wouldn’t notice we’re following them. I asked for more POD’s from Eldy. That made us stop a bit from following.




I was scared so I hid inside the mini-market. I looked out to see if they’re a few miles away, only to find out, he looked the same way as mine. Argh, freak.Okay, bistado na ‘ko! I let them go further, but each time I look at them, he looks at me and Paola. Darn it.

We stalked and stalked more, until they were nowhere to be found now.

But at the end of our rehearsal, the time we’re dancing “True To Your Heart”, they were there!!! Waaahh!! Heartbeat’s stroking so fast, making me tired and so nervous of what I was doing. [subliminal?! XD] But after that, Isha and I were so kilig so we jumped, laughed, and glanced at JaKe ONLY!

We stayed at school until 9pm, just staring at JaKe and talking about him. All about him. And then…

TO BE CONTINUED [続けられるため。]


2 thoughts on “Never-ending days of my STALKER life!

  1. muwahahaha! ngayon ko lang na realize na talo pa natin stalkers! i had so much fun awhile ago! lalo na nung nagpa late tayo ng uwi.. darn. hes so cute. T_T tas di naman natin siya mapapanood bukas, asar.cant wait for the continuation! xx

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