Stargirl – Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli And after a love story comes another extraordinary love story: Stargirl It wasn’t really all about love story but also the student life, and why is it very important for teenagers to be popular. Leo Borlock loves porcupine neckties, but on his 15th birthday, he never thought somebody would give him one. And it is from nobody. Until a girl entered MICA High. She’s amazingly different, and Hillari Kimble thought she was such a nutcase. Everyone was amused by this girl, Stargirl. They loved having her on the school though she seemed not normal. Everyone loved having her in the school. But then the world turned upside down. Shunning. She was shunned by the people around her, accusing her of things that was just normal to her, but to them, nonsense. She was compared to an excommunicate, and nobody talked to her, nobody puts their eye on her, like she has a scary disease. Except for one friend who was caught by her smile: Leo Borlock. One time, he almost became like him, but he explained that he only wanted her to be like the hundred other girls in MICA High. Normal.The story was profound, but it was love. It was amazingly, breathtakingly, heartbreaking. Mr. Jerry Spinelli wrote a great book that will give inspiration to teenagers that popularity isn’t what you really look for in life, and he proved that first love is the deepest. Rating: 2-thumbs up, a cry, and applause. Out of 5 stars: 5 stars! “Whose affection do you value more, hers or the others?” — Archie and Señor Saguaro.


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