ELA Week Championship!

Titans! Awoo! Awoo!! At last, the revenge has come…

Our section, 4th year Sovereignty, was declared the winner for the best musical presentation. As I’ve told you before, we presented Mulan, and we really had a lot of hard times doing it, we heard hurtful hearsays, and the bond of friendship broke. Especially by this day.

We got all awards, but the only award we didn’t have was the best actor award. It was given to Stephen Janz Serafico, who played the young Simba on their play, Lion King. We felt awful for Jacobson since he was also a great actor, but never got the title.

Well, at least, even if we won, our heads were never inflated.

This is all I can say:
Winners think positive about positive results…
Losers think negative results.

If you want to watch the play, please click the link. It’s divided into 4 parts.
Sovereignty Presents Mulan

Enjoy!! ^_^


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