Baseball Championship!

And the day has come.. This is the battle of the greatest! Greatest in playing baseball between my team [Team A] and Team C. Ever since practice competitions, we lose to their team because they got good strategies and skillful defenses. But I was shocked to find out that at this day, September 25, 2007, we won against Ivan Lanuza’s team!

I was stunned by the way I played, because first, I don’t and never wanted to play baseball, and second, I can’t hit the ball!! Either I hit it by chance or I advance a base because of “Strike 3”. Hell, yeah. But today, I could have not hit the ball, but thanks to the chance, I hit it, and advanced 2 bases!! Wee!!

The real hell part was when my turn to go on the Home Base. If I lose this, my team loses. So the pressure’s on me. I can feel the pressure!! Hahaha. After 2 strikes of our leader Miguel Sevilla, I hit home! Wee!! And then after 1 batter of our team, we are declared the winner. 5 homes, 2 outs. Nice game, eh? The prize? We get a hundred percent for our practical test in Physical Education! Hurrah!!

So that’s it. I was relieved. And that’s the start of something new. I mean, a new game I learned. That’s where I started to like baseball, and I was gratified to be one of the best players in my section! ^_^


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