Yesterday was like a Judgment Day. The students of public and private schools nationwide took the UPCAT to challenge how far they can go and succeed this exam on the University of the Philippines. UP is one of the top state universities in the Philippines, and their entrance exam was harder than hard, faster than fast!

I woke up like 6.15 am and I prepared myself. It was like a 2 hour ride from home to UP, and while in the bus, train, and jeep, me and my best friend continue reviewing for the test.

Okay. CUT.

We arrived in U.P. Diliman at 10.15am, 3 hours before the exam will start. We decided to proceed to our respective buildings. Take a look on how far our building was from each other:

Map - UP Diliman

We’re on the opposite corners of UP! Hahaha!! We separated from Vinzon’s Hall [f.k.a. Palma Hall] and I rode a trike going to my building, coz my feet really hurt already! While I was in the trike, I saw the scenes that I didn’t knew UP has. Everywhere have tall grasses growing. I remembered the paths easily. The place was beautiful in the morning, because it seems like you’re in a province, not a city.

When we arrived on the fields of the Math building, I stared at the two girls sitting on the ramp, reading a review book. I came down the trike and approached them.

“Excuse me po. Hello po! Math building din po ba kayo?”

“Oo. *smile*”

“Pwede po bang sumama sa inyo?”

“Oh sure!”


And there I met my first new friends in U.P.. They are Tech and Marian. My first impression on them was they are sophisticated young brats. But I knew already that I was wrong. I joined them, and I introduced myself. They welcomed me so eagerly and I was really happy that morning; my anxiety about the UPCAT was a little gone.

After knowing them came the guys who were, I wouldn’t deny, handsome. They’re both wearing black, the 1st guy was Marian’s cousin, and the other one, my instincts were right, her boyfriend. They’re cute together!

We talked and talked, introduced ourselves to other people… Watashi ya anata ga nado imasu. All of the people I knew were so friendly and great, though not really for the Hangeuk saram. XP

At about 12.00nn, we lined up in front of the Math Bldg. It was so hot that afternoon, but thankfully Tech’s driver lend us an umbrella. And by that umbrella, we met Jesse and Lemmy— the 2 guys from La Salle Greenhills. They’re awfully funny, and Jesse became our alalay for a while, and he carried the umbrella and covered us girls for a while.

But that while wasn’t just a moment! It was like 3 hours, and we just stood there! We hated the mother’s who were like rallying their way inside the building. I wanted to scream because CAN’T THEY SEE IT’S EFFIN’ HOT AND THEY’RE SHOUTING LIKE MAD!!! They didn’t dare think of the students. TT^TT

Well, whatever. I met a new friend on the line, and she was a Chinese girl named Katrina. I saw her staring at me so I grinned at her, and there, we are already friends!! At last, by 1.00, we are already being led inside, but unfortunately, Tech was left outside! Waahh!! I waited for like 5 minutes, including the 2 guys, and there, she was allowed to join our line.

We wanted to stay on the underground room since it’s the only one that has an aircon.

And our wish was granted! Hahaha!! 40 students inside the Underground room!

The test was effin’ hard. Well if we really had a lot of time to think, we might’ve been sure of our answers and finished it. But no. The test permit told us the test will last for like 6 hours [12.30-6.30] but we ended 5.40. Aww..

We felt that we don’t have the chance to pass. But I told them don’t quit easily. Who knows?

Well, whether we pass or not, we’ll always pass the test on friendship. ^_^ FOREVER.



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