Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Launch Party at Greenbelt Makati

At last! I blogged again! Woo I missed blogging so much… Really sorry for my readers.. Long time no update!

By the way, this post is very interesting. Hahaha!! It’s for all those Harry Potter fans out there, especially those here in the Philippines!

Yesterday, 07-21-2007, a Launch Party of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows occurred at Greenbelt, Makati. Well, I wasn’t really an avid fan of Harry Potter [you might be wondering why I was there?], but I loved Daniel Radcliffe since then! I haven’t read all the books but I know a lot stuff about Harry Potter. We arrived approximately 1.40pm, and of course, we hurriedly went to Powerbooks where the party will be taking place.

HP7 Launch Party Invitation


If you can’t read it, I’ll scan it tomorrow for a better view. [I have no scanner at home! Poor me!]

The whole party was fun, and of course, a lot of Harry Potter fanatics were present that day. I feel sorry for myself because I think I’m the only teenager there who is an idiot doesn’t know a lot when it comes to Harry Potter 3-6!

But good thing, at least I know most of the characters. Bwahaha, thanks to the information from my classmates. I joined the Professor Snape’s Potion Challenge, but regrettably, I didn’t win! I thought the potion has to be realistic, so I put up science experiments there… I would’ve wrote things like 1 cup of Leprechaun and whatsoever. Well anyway, it was fun, and at least, WE WERE EXPOSED ON THE VIDEO CAMERAS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS! Haha! There were a lot of press people, but we don’t care. As long as we have fun.

By the way, to all Pinoy HP lovers out there, of you’re in the Philippines and planning to buy a copy of HP7, you better reserve now. It takes about like a whole day until it becomes SOLD-OUT again. It costs about Php1450. Badly, I have no money for that.. T^T So I just read the whole book on the spot, but I didn’t finish it.

I was surprised Harry and Ginny were married after 19 years! As well as Ron and Hermione! But I like Luna for Harry, not Ginny. Well, that’s how the story goes… And Snape was the one who died, neither Harry nor Dumbledore. I wasn’t sure okay! I hope I interpreted it correctly… hahaha!!

Take Care guys and God bless!!



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