4th Year High School… Already started.

Last 1 hour, I just came home from school. It was like 8:15pm back then. Well, I was too exhausted because of our CAT classes, and that was the first time we acted like cadettes. Basically, if you know what CAT is, it’s all about discipline. It was like we were on a Military school with our commandant, platoons, etc..
The orientation of the CAT classes lasted for like an hour, so we headed to McDonald’s like 5:30pm. We were 7: Me, Zarah, her sister, Alain, Jenine, and Faith. While walking, we talked a lot. And imagined a lot. Haha imagaining unnecessary things around us.

Anyway, I still can’t think that I’m already in 4th Year High School. I am just 14 years old, and I already need to facilitate the stuff in school. And another worst thing, I was elected Peace Officer of S – Sovereignty. Well, that’s a lot of responsibility but we need to do it, and all of us needs to cooperate for it to work. Being a Peace Officer was quite hard, since you need to force your classmates to keep quiet and the room must always be in order at all times. It was actually against my own will!!! My crazy classmate Ivan L. always nominates me everytime there’s a position, like Auditor, etc., which I know wasn’t serious enough! Ivan is such a naughty, crazy, and immature guy [except when it comes to love I guess?] according to my fellow schoolmates. But anyhow, I appreciate that my classmates trusted me to go for that position, and I’m very grateful for that.

Now I need to talk like President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Which is in case if I was voted for the Student Council Officers. Huhuhu…

Well, this is just a part of my 4th Year High School life. I know there’ll be a lot happening sooner or later. I’ll just tell you that soon. If I still have a lot of time.

Bye guys! Talk to you all soon. ^^ Enjoy your Summer [if u r in the US], and enjoy your school life!

Live Well, L♥ve Much, Laugh ☺ften!



One thought on “4th Year High School… Already started.

  1. Heh, getting elected for any position is always a big responsibility. Hope you’ll own up to it anyway. Especially on CAT. 4th year students can be, and are a, bunch of immature brats. You need energy for that sort of thing, blah.

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