It’s over…

Oh noooo!!! I hate this. The final episode of Alice Academy in Animax is over!!! WaahH! Which means, Alice Academy’s already over…

Yeah. At first, when I became obsessed w/ it, I was afraid I might not be able to watch it again since our classes will be starting by June 8. But Animax made it fast for me!! They finished it already!

The last episode in Animax [that was Chapter 26 in the DVD9] was Hotaru, leaving to get ready her presentation for the foreigners. Mikan, on the other hand, thought Hotaru was going to transfer to another school in a foreign country, and she was mad at Hotaru because she doesn’t even said her last good-bye to Mikan.

Well, it was really sad for me, especially when everybody tried to stop Hotaru from going and Mr. Geno [or Jino?] gave Mikan an hour to go with Sumire and meet Hotaru. Everybody really helped, like Yuu Tobita, who used his illusion so that Hotaru won’t go, but Hotaru knew where he was and hit him w/ a gun that throws out the pink-bubblegum-like thingy. Ruka and Natsume, together w/ the Giant Piyo entered the scene, and tried to stop her, but Hotaru let out a picture of Ruka w/ the Piyo and it flew away w/ a bird, w/c made Ruka run away [he was too embarrassed to show it]. Then there, Mikan came, and they both talked for a while.

What really made my cry, literally cry, is when Hotaru told Mikan to come to her, then there, the flashbacks happened. T^T
The song was sad, “Shiawase no Niji” and on the flashback, it showed all the memories of Mikan and Hotaru together, and also Ruka, Natsume, and the others on the academy. It was pretty long, w/c made me cry longer. TTTTT^TTTT

The final part, after the song and flashback, was so funny! Hotaru asked Mikan about who gave her the idea that she was going away to a foreign land. Mr. Narumi interrupted and explained that the exchange student he was saying was from the Middle-school division. So the commotion and all the crying ended… Well, not so!

Hotaru told Mikan that the rabbits Mikan owed her was due that day. Since Mikan still don’t have it, Hotaru told her that she must work for her [like a servant] in exchange for all those rabbits. [Correct me if I’m wrong. Is that really rabbits or I just didn’t understand?]


There. The first “It’s Over”entry.


Aaahh!! Like I told you before, I’m already in Senior HS. It’s kinda sad, because after this year, all of us had to go on different paths. Yeah, sort of pissed me off, because I’m still not sure what path to choose —> Nursing or Multimedia [Animation].

Well, I like both, but according to them, if I really wanted to go to the USA AFAP, then I should choose this. And it pays a lot of money. Well, I’m good at Science [Chemistry!], but what I’m really good is at English and Arts, so that made me choose the other option. As you can see from my album, I really loved drawing and arts, esp. Manga [all of my Manga aren’t there in the album yet!] so I liked this course… Huhuhu…

Now I’m stuck.


I really have a lot of unresolved questions in my head, like, “What if when I graduated and took Nursing, the Nursing abroad has already ended, or it’s not in-demand by that time? [Year 2012]” A lot of “What if’s” really.

Well that’s all. I’m half nervous half excited on Friday. Better get ready.

Bye guys! Enjoy your vacation~~ [I wish I’m still on it. T^T]



Mikan [to Natsume]: By the way, I’m not polka-dot anymore!


Haguchi Tachibana’s Site [Kawaii!]

Gakuen Alice Aniplex Site

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