Here I am again~~!

Whew! At last I posted again!!

I feel so good now that I don’t have any more unfinished problems to solve.

*Before May 31 [Literally before May 31, w/c means May 30!] I encoded my Aniax entry and sent it. Success… But I dunno if the story will be a success…

*Next thing, I’m already done filing my application form in one of the prestigious universities here in the Philippines. It was really tiring… so I’m thankful I’m done. [Thanks to the Guidance and Registrar, I hated to go back to school and finish my form. Argh!]

*And I’m already in 4th Year!! Just 5 more days, I’ll go back to school again. Wah! The days are so fast… Thank God I’m w/ the same class w/ my bffl Zarah. Our section is Sovereignty!!

By the way, I watched this anime in Animax, w/c is Alice Academy (学園アリス). I was so addicted and the story is really cute! Which motivated me to continue working on my 1st manga… hopefully I can. Well, I wasn’t so sure because I’m a Senior now and obviously my schedule will be so hectic, since we need to work on our College stuff rightaway. Well, my manga is like Alice Academy, but the story isn’t exactly alike.

Okay… You’ll be the first one to know about my Manga.

A new student named Aoki Harumi enters the E.W.A. [w/c is like Alice Academy] when she was abandoned by her step-parents, because they found out about her peculiar persona, and that is, holding the power of fire. Harumi accidentally puts out fire in the bedroom of his stepbrother, w/c makes her step-parents really mad. They abandoned her to the orphanage where they got her. Later on, while Harumi was there, she was tested by a lady if she really has the power, and to test it, she spank Harumi, and in turn [Harumi was so angry] Harumi blasted the fire by just staring.

E.W.A.- (Elemental World Academy) A school for children who holds a certain power, [eg. fire,wind, air, earth, etc.] but doesn’t know how to control it. It is located at the back of the orpahanage, but ordinary people can’t see it. It is beside an ocean, and there’s a bridge which leads them to another place that have parks, zoo, gardens, etc. [still owned by EWA].

Enough… I’m getting dizzy on my own story… I hope you got what I mean by those stuff up there. T^T Sorry if it’s eccentric.. waha I’m not that used to writing summaries but I love essays…

Well, whatever. I’ll end up here.. ^^ I hope everybody’s doin fine! World peace~~

<oh btw I’m getting addicted to Photshop too.. ㅋㅋㅋ! >



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