What’s New?

Okay this will be just a fast list of what I’ve accomplished just today!!! ^^

I finished my Animax Story Entry.
[But still haven’t typed it.. HaHaHa~~!!]

Uhmm, I updated my Multiply?
[My Multiply

And I already had the character profiles on my Manga!!
[But I decided to change the title coz it’s not really merely wizardry.. T^T u get me?]

I have ideas for my Manga..


By the way, I am planning to remove and reduce my stuff… So I am thinking if could build up my own On-line Closet Store and of course I’ll sell what I do not need in my closet.. The neat ones of course! And new ones, slightly used, used once, etc..

Right now, I’m looking onto it, but I think I’d rather start it when my sched isn’t that hectic… I’m in Senior HS so I need to be responsible and focus to school thingamabubs… In short, I’LL BE REALLY BUSY

if you’re interested, I’ll tell you more soon, but I swear I can’t start now… That’s all! Thanks and til next time~~!!



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