A “Cute and Adorable” little banner from a “friend”

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I was online in Yahoo! Messenger a while ago, reading the status messages of my online friends. I stopped by my friend/classmate Gabby’s status message, saying either “Sarap pala mag-edit kahit Paint lang gamit ko” or “*blah blah* PM nyo ko para pakita ko yung sample sa inyo.”

Well, of course curious Janica PM-ed him, and waited for his reply for about 5 minutes. Then he came back. I asked for a sample, and he told me he’ll just make a new one, with the render I want. I told him “kahit ano, ikaw naman ang gagawa eh”. So he started rightaway. He was like “Busy. DND” for a few minutes, and here’s the result:

Hello Janica!

So, what can you say? ANG CUTE, DI BA? ^^

If you wanna see the author, I’ll be putting up my classmates’ pics and our Class Pictures. Just wait for the Photo Album page to be available, because as of now, I can’t put a single image since I still haven’t thought of the page’s style.

if you have questions, contact me or just leave a comment. Thanks! ^^



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