Cyworld Addiction!

EDIT: US and JP CyWorld have already shut down their sites; you might not be able to view my Profile/Mini-Rooms on those websites. Thank you.


I already knew about Cyworld when I was in my Freshman H.S. [S.Y. 2004-05], and back then, Cyworld was only in Korean. Basically, I can’t understand Korean language, but I can read Hangeul. I should’ve registered for one Korean Cyworld but the problem is– I don’t have a residence number.


I was only 11 by then, and I was thinking if I’m gonna lie about my age again just to join Cyworld. And remembering again that it was in Korean, I gave up. In those days I don’t have time to translate those Hangeul and search it in my dictionary, nor use an online tanslator.

I knew of Cyworld accidentally. I was browsing for the best blog site ever, and it showed me Cyworld. I was excited at first, but then yeah, it’s in Korean, I can’t understand. I was hoping for it to have a US style, and then I found news that said:

According to

“Having used the Korean version of Cyworld in the past, I can attest that it’s a fascinating place. In essence, it’s a closed social network with some blog-like features and its own internal economy. Each user has a “mini-hompy” – a pixelled room that can be decorated with furniture, wallpaper and other items. All these items must be paid for in Cyworld’s virtual currency, dotori (Korean for “acorn”). If I remember correctly, users can buy virtual currency using their cellphones, or purchase vouchers in real-world shops. Users can also buy each other gifts. There is a huge amount of pressure to be popular and have the best hompy. Unsurprisingly, this has turned Cyworld into an enviable money-making machine – in September 2005, BusinessWeek reported that the company was making “$12.5 million on sales of $110.4 million”. It’s a high stakes game.

Click more to view an example of a miniroom and visit my Cyworld!

Judging by the information on the site, Cyworld US will be virtually the same as the original Cyworld – the mini-hompy has become a “mini-room”, but the premise remains the same. ”

example of a mini-room: [this is JaNii’s]

US Miniroom

CH Miniroom

So that basically means that Cyworld has grown a large population and fame, and still counting.

“So how will Cyworld stack up against MySpace? Well, I get the sense that the demographic will be much younger than that of MySpace, perhaps more of a rival to Habbo Hotel, the popular pixelated pre-teen hangout. And while MySpace allows you to integrate external services into your page, Cyworld is a closed platform that charges for most additional items. Clearly, this is a very different model to most US social networks, and seemingly at odds with the openness proposed by Web 2.0 and new media advocates.

But it may prove more successful than the US networks in one crucial aspect: profitability. Monetizing social networks is a tough challenge, and the internal economy may be a real bonus for Cyworld. What’s more, by targeting the youngest possible demographic, Cyworld has a good excuse to keep the system closed (it could claim to be protecting its young users from the outside world).”

I agree. Cyworld is a social networking site that is very user-friendly, and even youngsters can register w/o getting more personal info. [Except for the b-day and the like] And I can say it might stack up against MySpace, if Americans transfer to Cyworld. But as far as I can see, MySpace is still the No. 1 [I guess] social-networking site for Americans, besides Friendster and others, even though Cyworld is more modernized and techy.

So when I found out about US Cyworld, I didn’t think twice. I registered rightaway, and decorated my room. And because of my addiction, I registered for a Japan, China, and Taiwan Cyworld. Japan Cyworld is a bit different from them all– it doesn’t have a miniroom, but instead you decorate your Cover Story w/ Flash, etc., and the music box is for free. Check ’em all!

My problem is– I still don’t have the 1st Cyworld! Korea Cyworld! T^T huhuhu!

If you wanna visit my Cyworld/s, click here:

For my US Cyworld:

Unfortunately, only US Cyworlds have badges like these, so you’ll have to click on the links for my JP, CH, and TW Cyworlds… Make sure your pop-up blocker is off for all these Cyworlds!

For my JP Cyworld: デザ ジャニカ JP CLOSED.

For my CH Cyworld: 東智努 CH

For my TW Cyworld: 董湛寧 TW

Okay! If you have one please feel free to invite me as a neighbor! ^^



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