Away Yesterday, Back Today [Back in Boredom]

We just came home from my great grandmother’s mansion in Valenzuela.

We spent about a week of vacation there, and I say it’s quite alright since I was away from Boredomville. The other people who were there [except for those who live there of course] are the Ramiro family [my mom’s bro’s family]. They spent their vacation there longer than our stay, maybe about 2 weeks. Alright this is getting nonsense.

While I was there, I feel like I’m a princess, coz I almost get and have what I want, like food. We were supposed to go swimming last April 28 but then there are bad things that came my way:

  1. I had my red tide. So basically I can’t swim.
  2. My great grandma cancelled it, saying “I have no money”. [Considering she has more than five thousand dollars]

But anyway, I spent my stay there eating a lot of stuff, hot-oiling my hair [is there such a word as hot-oiling?!] and that stupid gay trimmed my hair… Argh, the ugliest way!! Aaaaahhhh! It was a daymare, and the gay looks like a monster. [Oops, sorry! But I’m not lying]

And for the first time, I went to church

Okay I got you there! I admit I’m not a church-a-holic gal, but hey! At least I go once… a month.

とまれ! After all those things, we went back home in Boredomville and here I am again, staying as lazy as can be, doing nothing but stare and surf the net, wishing I was really surfing on a beach. Argh, if I had summer jobs with my best pal Zarah, my summer wouldn’t be as boring as now. But then I need to consider this [and again]:

  1. My mom’s pregger’s so we need to save money.
  2. My dad haven’t sent money yet. [It’s not so big, really]
  3. My mom allows me to go gala, [travel, malling, shopping] but I need to use my good ol’ money. And now I’m really dying to get some!! Waaahh!!

And actually, I wasn’t allowed to use this PC for a long, long, time. My sister will squeal and then my mom will tell her to shut this thing off, so I really got no time… That’s why it almost takes me about 2 or more days to post here again. So sorry to the readers.

But thanks for reading my posts! I’ll continue to improve this blog, I swear! If it makes you happy, then alright I’ll do it. HAHA =] Have a nice day guys!



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